Taste: Bitter, cinnamon, salty, Unami, acrid, creamy, crisp, earthy, fresh, malty, hot, mushy, tangy, lemony, harsh

touch: metallic, rusty, edgy, rubber, mushy, slick, ragged, thorny, waterlogged, wrinkled, moist, indented, hairy, grimy, fragile

smell: musty, nauseating, floral, faint, wispy, sweaty, putrid, skunky, minty, rotten, loamy, pine, mildewed, rancid, sweet

Hearing: crackling, purrs, clatters, drips, screeches, complaining, pitter patter, clicks, gulp, crunching, static, whistle of wind, tapping of tree branch on window, barking,

sight: gloomy, florescent, shadow, bright, barren, abundance, scarce, hellish, golden, transparent, invisible, delighted, perky, lifeless, doomed

Action: haste, there, still, scramble, motion, locomotive, propose, signal. wave, cue

abstractions: bravery, Envy, tolerant

Anything else: self-control, sand, depth, Caribbean,lurking, cellar, simple, transcendent, yesterday, simplistic