The next thing always belongs

“Forgive Me Father for I have sinned”

squeaking pews penetrate my consolation,

as cracked hands fumble the Lords prayer.

Our eyes remain locked to validate trust,

his legs intertwine like a crooked cross.

hands rise to bless me, revealing bone,

who knew we all had something to conceal?

scary how our adherence to offend puts us in danger.

I want possession of the future,

to store the remaining seconds away from harm,

Like a squirrel  gathering nuts.

Latex covers this world,

Delusion negating the urge life has to bang us with reality,

and if reality remains the necessity to bang,

Then we all have nothing to hide.

When will we be reborn?

a fresh coat of paint covering a rusty engine,

and hear mothers voice disfigured in the breeze,

while a blanket of innocence preserves my ignorance.

I can’t stop the earths orbit,

or inhale the galaxy into my lungs.

Though I’m left breathless and lost by Planes, Trains, and cars,

I hope they don’t find Amelia

So she can avoid the stress.

They won’t find Amelia.

Taste: Bitter, cinnamon, salty, Unami, acrid, creamy, crisp, earthy, fresh, malty, hot, mushy, tangy, lemony, harsh

touch: metallic, rusty, edgy, rubber, mushy, slick, ragged, thorny, waterlogged, wrinkled, moist, indented, hairy, grimy, fragile

smell: musty, nauseating, floral, faint, wispy, sweaty, putrid, skunky, minty, rotten, loamy, pine, mildewed, rancid, sweet

Hearing: crackling, purrs, clatters, drips, screeches, complaining, pitter patter, clicks, gulp, crunching, static, whistle of wind, tapping of tree branch on window, barking,

sight: gloomy, florescent, shadow, bright, barren, abundance, scarce, hellish, golden, transparent, invisible, delighted, perky, lifeless, doomed

Action: haste, there, still, scramble, motion, locomotive, propose, signal. wave, cue

abstractions: bravery, Envy, tolerant

Anything else: self-control, sand, depth, Caribbean,lurking, cellar, simple, transcendent, yesterday, simplistic